On-file sandblast designs are included in the price of your stone at the time of purchase!

Below is a partial showing of our Sandblast Designs on file. We have many more in our catalog. When viewing the images below, the first number is how it is referenced in the computer and the second number represents the dimensions of the design itself.

These dimensions cannot be changed or scaled larger or smaller. This is due to line thickness for the sandblasting process. Sandblast designs can be rotated, mirrored, and few other manipulations to help them work on your stone.

Have a design in mind that’s not in our catalog?

Felicia, our designer, can take an image/drawing and digitize it into our CAD system. This will not work with everything, but she can help you understand what can and cannot be translated into a sandblast design.

Have a photograph you want on the stone?

Sandblasting is not for fine detail. For photographs, we would recommend a porcelain plaque affixed to the stone or an etching done with a laser. Sandblasting takes away much more stone and is less detailed than an etching.

Visit our gallery page to see examples of etchings, porcelains, and sandblast designs.