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Footstones, Grave Markers, and Flush Markers are some of the many different names for this type of stone. They all describe a stone that lays flush to the ground. Typically, this type of stone is set into the sod with no foundation.

Footstones come in many different sizes and shapes. Standard sizes of footstones are 18 inches by 10 inches or 24 inches by 12 inches. On an 18 x 10 grave marker, there is room to inscribe a full name, birth date, death date, and small design. There is enough room on a 24 x 12 grave marker for two full names, birth dates, and death dates.

Before you come in:

If your lot has stones on it already, think about if you would like to match the existing stones. This can mean duplicating the dimensions, color, font, or simply finding something that will complement what is already there. It would be to your advantage to bring in or email us a picture of the existing stone.

Don’t forget your measuring tape. Markers look smaller in the cemetery than they do in our shop.

We can duplicate government-issued veteran’s military grave markers. For example, if your Dad was a veteran and received a marker from the VA. We can create a matching marker for your Mom, who was not in the military, merely omitting the branch or rank information and replacing it with relative information. We would match the size, color, polish, and font.

We need to know the cemetery location and lot number. Try to familiarize yourself with the lot location for providing directions. This is another instance where photos will come in handy!

Another vital detail would be to speak with the cemetery’s caretaker. Typically, your town office will have their contact information. Every cemetery has its own rules and regulations that determine what you will be allowed to put on your lot.

Turn around time for a footstone is approximately 4-6 weeks from when it is ordered when it is set in the cemetery.