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We offer many solutions to memorialize cremation gravesites. These stones can be used in a cemetery or place with a special meaning, with your loved one’s urn inside, protected by stone.

Stones designed to hold urns come in a wide variety.

There is a Columbarium, which is a stone with multiple niches* for urns. This is sometimes called house style. It is often used by families.

We also offer Cremation Benches that hold single or multiple cremation urns. These provide the ultimate functionality of a place to rest.

Cremation Markers and Monuments have a cored spot for an urn with a fixed cover.

Often, a cremation option is allowed in place of a monument. However, it is important that you talk with the cemetery’s caretaker to find out what they will allow on your lot. Each cemetery has its own set of rules. It’s crucial to find out what rules or regulations apply to you before starting the process of memorializing your loved one.

*The area for the urn is called a niche. It can either be built with stone or created by coring a stone