A Monument Reflects Life

Representing An Individual And A Life Shared By Everyone

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Monuments are upright (standing) stones and come in all shapes and sizes. A traditional monument would include a base and a poured concrete foundation underneath. Rogan’s stocks many different domestic and imported granite colors. With so many options out there, we recommend you take the time to drive around the local cemeteries to see what catches your eye. It is important that you take a tape measure as stones look smaller in the cemetery than they do in our shop. A camera is also very helpful to snap photos of what you are looking for.

If your lot has stones on it already, think about if you would like to match the existing stones. This can mean duplicating the dimensions, color, font, or simply finding something that will compliment what is already there. (don’t forget those photos and measurements!)

We will need to know the cemetery location and lot number. Try to familiarize yourself with the lot location for providing directions. This is another instance that those photos will come in handy! Another important detail would be to speak with the caretaker of the cemetery. Typically your town office will have their contact information. Every cemetery has their own rules and regulations. These regulations can determine what you will be allowed to put on your lot. For example, you may be limited to the size of your upright monument, or you may not be allowed a monument at all and be limited to a flush stone.

Often, other options are available in place of a traditional monument in your cemetery. These can include benches and cremation options.

Our process for creating a monument starts with you. Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will use our CAD program to create a to-scale design of what your stone will look like. Be sure to have the correct names and dates ready for this part of the process. When everything is perfect, we can finalize the order and get to production. Timeframes vary depending on whether the stone is in stock, as well as some other factors. A typical timeline would be 4-6 weeks from time of order to completion and setting in the cemetery.

Before the stone arrives at the cemetery, we will ask you to place a flag on our lot if possible to help us visually locate your lot. We will contact the caretaker of the cemetery to mark out the lot and inform us where the stone is to be set. For an upright monument, we will pour a concrete foundation. This helps stabilize the stone, and helps protect against frost heaves.